Afraid of losing your hard earned money to inflation, yet afraid to lose money through investing?

Not sure where and how to start investing safely?

Learn a foolproof framework to determine the best

 Companies to invest in

Times to buy and sell your stock

Learn all you need to start investing in hours | Curriculum designed and taught by investment  managers

We often think that investing is scary and beyond our reach. Truth is, investing is super simple with the right guidance and support.
Hear from our female students who have become successful investors despite having no prior experience investing.

Retiring poor is a real problem for women

Only 19% of women are confident they're saving enough to retire

Women more likely than men to have no retirement Savings

Women 80% More Likely to be Impoverished in Retirement

About Woke Investing

Easy to follow; for beginners
Safe & foolproof

Woke Investing is a women-led financial startup based in Singapore and Brunei.Woke Investing offers investment programmes that teach investors how to build long term wealth and become financially independent. 

 We take you through a structured curriculum that makes investing easy, understandable, and most importantly, profitable. Our students come from all over the world. They have no experience in investing but they still build successful portfolios in a matter of months.


Woke Investing Mentor Credentials

Women behind Woke Investing


Professional Tennis Player
Women of the Future Awards S.E.A.  2022 Winner

A health scare made Ming realise she could lose her job in fund management, which pushed her to start investing for herself.

With time, Ming's investing skills improved so much so that her investing income matched her salary. This empowered Ming to leave her corporate role to pursue her passions.

She is now a professional tennis player, who mentors other investors.

Ming graduated with a first-class honours from the London School of Economics and holds a Masters in Development Economics from Yale University.

Eden Heng

Serial Entrepreneur 
Women of the Future Awards S.E.A.  2022 Finalist


Eden left the corporate and banking sector to pursue her passion in the start up space and to live her motto of giving back to society.

Having built 3 start ups, Eden understands the financial stress that comes with bootstrapping and saw the importance of a financial safety net. 

This laid the  foundation for her latest venture which strives to empower millenials, women and children with finacial literacy and skills.  

Eden is a Youth South East Asian Leadership Initiative ( YSEALI) Professional Fellow, pushing for economic empowerment.

As part of international women's month, we are gifting you a free ebook. 

Adulting 101- All you need to know about your personal finance

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