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Find out how you can learn to invest easily with no prior financial and investing knowledge

Hi, I'm Ming

With my experience in fund management, I have learnt how to make passive income through investing.Together with my team, we help investing beginners to build financial skills so that they will be better prepared for their retirement.It is a pity that investing knowledge is not commonplace in our society!Come check out our webinar where I'll share 2 crucial investing skills that most investors don't know.

This webinar is for you if you:

  • want to invest but don't know where to start

  • have been investing but find yourself losing money

  • find it intimidating to open and use your investing platform

And you want:

  • a structured curriculum that gets your form complete beginner to being comfortable with investing

  • a mentor to handhold you through the therotical and practical aspects of investing.

  • to master a system that teachers you exactly how to invest.

Some awesome stories of how our mentees learnt to become successful investors with our help.

Here’s Jack - a delivery driver – who managed to 5x his portfolio over 24 months and send his 2 daughters to the National University of Singapore.

Before learning with us

  • Worked 12 hours work day everyday.

  • Was worried as he could not afford university education for his two daughters.

  • Was unable to spend time with family.

After learning with us

  • Can now choose to work regular hours.

  • Both his two daughters are in the National Univerisity of Singapore.

  • Can plan his work according to family time.

Here’s Faith Ong -VP of Sales and Singaporen Investor-

Before learning with us

  • Spent $4,000 on two investment programmes but hardly saw any ROI.

  • Decided to stop investing on her own and put $50,000 with her broker. Her broker lost half her investment.

  • Been investing in stocks for 14 years but saw only single digit returns.

After learning with us

  • Regained her confidence to invest on her own.

  • Finally saw double digit returns.

Here's what our mentees say

I’ve no prior investing experience so I was very apprehensive to join the course.I was thus pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it is to understand and implement what I learnt. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to start investing.

Sin Yi
Teacher, Brunei

If you are figuring where and how to start investing, look no further!I'm very grateful for the excellent classes provided by Woke Investing. Their lessons will set up alot of people for success if they follow through.I have no investing/finance background, so I appreciate their laid back delivery that is easy to understand.I feel confident that I have the right tools to make educated decisions.

Feyra Adi Shamsul
HR Representative, Brunei

Woke's classes and mentoring gave me a strong understanding of when to buy, sell and hold.Overall, I learnt that investing in the stock market is not necessarily a gamble. We can actually profit from it with the right knowledge and support.I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make steady passive income through smart investing.

CP Lim
Engineer, Brunei

Woke Investing’s classes are phenomenal. I've attended other investing classes that are way more expensive, but the quality of instruction at Woke is unparalleled.You can tell a lot of effort is put into class materials. It is constantly refreshed with insights and market moves.I am so thrilled to see a 50% growth in my portfolio!

Christina Ho
Innovation and Partnerships Manager at MNC, Singapore

I was resistant to take classes as I thought it would be time-consuming.Woke Investing came highly recommended, so I gave it a shot. I'm very impressed that the strategies and mentoring sessions gave me the confidence to invest.Highly recommend Woke to professionals who want a second income safely and profitably.

Dr, Luke
Dental surgeon, Singapore

Joining Woke helped me to kickstart my investing journey and be systematic in investing.I learnt how to easily identify great stocks, how to plan my portfolio, understand how news affect the stock market and determine entry and exit signals, which ultimately lead me to be a more rational investor.

Hakim M.
Public Sector, Brunei

I teach investing because…

I was once in your shoes.I did not know how to invest for myself.It was only after my mentor taught me the basics and strategies that he developed over ten years, that I realised that it is possible to invest profitably.With my understanding of the market, as well as skills I had picked up as an investment manager, I turned what I had learnt into repeatable strategies that gave me a passive income and empowered me in my life choices.I realise that investing education is uncommon in our society. What a pity when such education can change our lives!I started teaching friends and family and when they started seeing results, they persuaded me to teach others too.I want to help more people and have them experience the same success that we’ve achieved.

I’ve love to share with you how to invest profitably so that you can reap the same results without making the same mistakes and wasting precious time.


How to find good stocks and valuate themHow to determine when to buy/sell your stocks

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Some doubts that our mentees had before joining us

"I need alot of capital to get started"
We have programmes to cater to different stages of one’s investing journey. Talk to us about your goals and we will recommend the best programme for you.
"I need alot of capital to get started"
It can be overwhelming to learn investing from Youtube videos and articles. But with the guidance of experienced mentors and a structured curriculum, it is actually quite simple.
"I don't have time to watch the market"
Our investing framework is simple and efficient. Once our mentees have mastered the strategies, they spend 10 to 15 minutes a few nights a week to check in on their portfolio. They can do it less often if they so wish...
"What if I can't attend some classes"
That is ok, life happens. That is why all classes are recorded. Classes are held weekly so you have ample time to catch up and ask questions anytime. If you cannot attend classes for some unforeseen circumstances, you can join the next batch for free. Last but not least, mentees who are completely new to investing have found the pace of the class comfortable.

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